La Scala Model

La Scala is a 3/4 size bass of distinctly Italian design.

It features violin corners and gently sloping shoulders. The string length is shorter and it is perhaps a better choice for bassists who play a lot in the upper register. The sound is more direct and less "puffy", with excellent definition and considerable "growl". La Scala features a round back but can be special-ordered with a flat back.

  • Built of poplar-core laminates, which are light and resonant
  • Beautiful spruce and maple exterior veneers
  • Quality ebony fingerboard, nut, saddle and endpin (10mm with screw-on tip)
  • Hand-applied oil finish (no tone-robbing polyester, lacquer or heavy conversion varnishes)
  • Set-up to exacting specifications, with special one-piece adjusters installed in a fine European maple bridge
  • Authentic inlaid purfling, top and back, which adds to the beauty and helps prevent edge degradation
  • Beautifully carved scroll and neck, top-notch attention to detail throughout
  • Proper neck-set angle for arco playing

Hybrid models include a fully carved European spruce top.

String Length 41 1/2" / 105.5 cm.
Body Length 44" / 111.8 cm.
Upper Bout 19 1/4" / 49 cm.
Lower Bout 25 5/8" / 65 cm.


New Standard BassesTM are generally sold on a pre-ordered basis. On occasion inventory is available. Please call to inquire. Order times average 10-12 weeks. Upgrades to tuning machines and custom varnish colors are available at extra cost.

Current Pricing (F.O.B. Connecticut)

La Scala $4,600
La Scala Hybrid $6,500
Price subject to change

Now Available on Special Order

Fully Carved LaScala 3/4 Double Bass

An excellent choice for the professional or advanced amateur/student playing classical, solo, and/or jazz. Same specifications as the Hybrid LaScala, but with a fully-carved European maple back and higher quality fittings. Can be ordered with mildly-flamed or deeply-flamed wood, various high-end tuners, tastefully antiqued varnish and special fingerboards. Prices starting from $8,500. Please contact for availability and exact pricing.

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